Become an Umpire

How to get the best view of the game and get paid to be there?
Be the umpire;)

2016 Umpire recruitment is now open – it’s a great opportunity and experience. C’mon, get in the game!

– Males and Females, young or old!
– No Experience Necessary
– FREE coaching and mentoring
– Earn $20 – $65 per game, each weekend April to September.
– Must be 13 years of age by June 2016!
– Umpire a game in the morning before you play.
– Develop confidence, leadership and decision making skills.
– Boundary and Goal umpiring opportunities also available.

There are umpiring groups located all over Sydney with weekly training throughout the season to teach you all you need to know.

For more information contact:
Carl Fletcher – Umpiring Development Coordinator
Phone: 0425 256 504