Parking around Sports Grounds

I can’t imagine anyone from the bmkafl being this inconsiderate. And I’d be sorely disappointed to find it the case *waggles finger*

But the guys/gals at our BMCC Recreation Team Staff in conjunction with the Council’s Road Safety Officer have done a great job of this flyer that’s well worth a read to learn or remind yourself of the rules and penalties. This is also applicable for school zones, not just sports grounds.

“Dear Users of Blue Mountains Sports Facilities

As many clubs are aware, parking around Blue Mountains Sports Facilities is limited, requiring some members and visitors to park in nearby residential streets. In the past, Council and clubs have received complaint from nearby residents because sports users have parked across driveways, in no stopping zones or too close to intersections, causing issues for residents and through traffic.

We encourage members and visitors to Blue Mountains Sports Facilities to park in a manner that is legal, and preserves residential amenity.”

Parking Around Sports Grounds A5 Flyer

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Here is a link to a PDF version: Parking Around Sports Grounds A5 Flyer