Auskick Newsletter Round 3

I hope you have all had a great school holidays and ready for Auskick this weekend!

This Sunday, Auskick parents will have an opportunity to learn more about AFL by participating in a Level 0 coaching session. This session will run from 9:00am – 10:00am, so remember to wear your jogger, because we will get you running and having lots of fun! I encourage all parents to participate in this session, as it will provide you with the skills and knowledge to practice with your children at home and allow you to jump in and assist with the skill sessions each Sunday morning.

Auskick Registrations are still open!

It’s not too late! Registrations are still open for Auskick, so if you have a friend or two who may be interested in giving Auskick a go, invite them along this weekend!!

Wet Weather Footy

With winter coming and the possibility of rain throughout the week, you may want to keep an eye on the Wet Weather link on our website Notice Board. There you can check in to see if Tom Hunter Park is open or closed.
If the ground has been closed by the council due to wet weather, this page will be immediately updated. Due to player safety and compliance with insurance regulations, if the ground is closed for any reason players are not permitted to train or play.

Volunteers Needed!

Each weekend, it takes a team of volunteers to make the magic happen. As Auskick is the first team to play, we ask that Auskick parents volunteer to assist with setting up the canteen and BBQ when we have a number of teams playing at Tom Hunter.
This week, we will be asking you to volunteer to assist for one round of the season. When it’s your turn, you will always have a BMK Committee member there to support you.

For our small club, every hand makes a difference, so thank you in advance for your support.

Grounds Schedule for Tom Hunter Park: Sunday 24th April – Round 3

  • Auskick: 8:00am arrival for 8:30am start

Auskick Tip of the Week

Handballing: Other than kicking, the handball is the most used method of moving the footy around the field. Using a rolled up pair of footy socks, practice handballing. By using socks, you can practice inside or outside, plus it won’t hurt your hand!


Also check out this video for some extra handballing tips:

Don’t forget to bring your footy along each week. Make sure it is labelled with your first name, last name and the club initials BMK, that way you can use it during our skill sessions!

Auskick Action Shots!

If you happen to take any amazing action shots, or a photo that is just too cute for words, make sure you share it on our Facebook or Twitter page. Or you can send them through to me and I will include them in future newsletters.
All photos will also contribute towards our presentation day slideshow at the end of the season.

GWS Giants

For round 5 of the 2016 Toyota AFL Premiership, the GWS GIANTS take on the Saints at Etihad Stadium on Sunday at 1:10pm.

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