Rain?! The Game is Still On


Just a reminder about wet weather protocol.
In the event of rain, the game is still on – UNLESS you hear otherwise from the club, coach or manager.

This is particularly relevant with away games and early starts, when we may not find out the game is rained out until you are at the oval. Remember with away games, rain may not be affecting the away ground as it is here in the mountains. It can often be sunny once you get off the hill and down into Sydney.

The way it works

The decision for closing a ground due to rain, is up to the club president &/or the council responsible for that ground (e.g. BMCC for THP). The ground is monitored on the Friday and Saturday (if persistent rain) for play suitability. As soon as the ground is deemed closed for play, the AFL coordinators, other clubs presidents are notified of the ground closure. And they, in turn, notify the teams via mangers/coaches. There is also a Wet Weather website that is updated of the closure – wetweathercheck.com – that you can search via team/ground.

The decision to call off play is not taken lightly and has significant affects to the competition and draw and ladder and attempts to reschedule and all the moving of mountains the clubs/committees/afl must do to adjust and make up for missed games. It’s not just a skipped game.

The decision to close a ground has to be certain and many times, a “certain” decision can only be made on the morning of the game.

Be assured, once made, you will hear within minutes.