THP Lights are On


Last night the final adjustments were made to the installation of the new lights at Tom Hunter Park by BMCC Mark and the technicians. The Under 12’s training was beautifully illuminated by the marked improvement from the existing 50 to 100 lux.

This sees the long awaited upgrade complete, and THP now has lighting of sufficient standard for playing AFL night games (and I guess other sports?).

This is a wonderful investment into THP and the community made possible by the Blue Mountains Sports Council and the Blue Mountains City Council with funding and logistics.

BMKAFL greatly appreciates the efforts and support of the Sports Council and BMCC with special thanks to Patrick Williams (BMCC Sport & Recreation Programs Co-Ordinator) and to Rob Morgan (ex-bmkafl committee member) for his persistent advocacy and campaigning for the THP lighting upgrade.

Friday night games next AFL season?! As THP lights are ON.