AFL Umpire – fitness, money, new perspective

Do you love AFL? Would you like to be paid to get fit? Be part of the match from a perspective like no other, where you can learn and appreciate more of the game you love? And be proud to be an integral part of the AFL community? Then being an umpire in 2017 can give these benefits – for players, spectators, parents, brothers, sisters, for you! – You can be an AFL umpire in 2017.


In 2017, the Sydney Juniors Umpiring Department is aiming to grow our umpire numbers to over 500 umpires to better support all AFL Sydney Juniors Competitions. To do this we need your help to recruit teammates, siblings and parents.

Umpiring is perfect for boys and girls with no experience required. You can start umpiring when you are 13 and we are now getting more and more parents take it up with their children.

AFL is growing at a rapid pace across Sydney, meaning there are more games each week for people to umpire, making it a fantastic time to take up umpiring. With the successful launch of AFL Women’s and the GWS Women’s team, we want to encourage more females to pick up the whistle or flags.

If you have ever thought about giving umpiring a go, now is the time to do it!

Umpiring AFL before/after your game has so many great benefits including:

  • Earning between $20-$65 per game.
  • Develop your fitness.
  • Develop a better understanding of the game and learn to read the play, improving you as a player.
  • Learn important life skills such as leadership, teamwork and building your confidence and decision making skills.
  • Games on Saturdays and Sundays.

All new umpires will also receive the following:

  • Free training every week at one of 9 venues across Sydney.
  • Games appointed around your playing schedule, meaning you can umpire in the morning before your game, anywhere in Sydney.
  • Opportunities to earn more money on Saturday’s with Senior Boundary and Goal Umpiring in Sydney AFL Leagues.

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