Note about this site

This WordPress site is a new (2016) web home for bmkafl that will be used for posting news and information about the club and AFL.

We will still have to use the old clunky ugly Sports Pulse website for things like Fixtures and Results, Competition Ladders and Registrations. But we’ll try to keep that pain to a minimum.

Tip: this site will adjust it’s appearance depending on the device/width of the window it’s viewed in. (e.g. header/title can be fixed on wide-windows or scroll up on narrow/mobile)

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

All the posts on this site have been given a ‘Category‘ to file them under (e.g. ‘Youth Girls’, ‘Auskick’). At the top ‘menu’ you will see a ‘Category’ (mobile click or PC mouse hover listing) listing and at the bottom of the pages you will also see listing of categories, click on a category to view all posts related to that category.

Category Examples:

Posts are also filed in order of date. So the ‘Archives‘ listing at the bottom of the pages could help if you know a rough date of the post you need.

There is also ‘Search‘ box at the bottom of the pages on this site. You can try enter the text or a keyword and it will return posts that match.

Maybe it was something specific to the old clunky ugly Sports Pulse website (e.g. Fixtures and Results). If so, I’m sorry, you’ll have to go back there 😦

If those fail, ask us:

Notice Board

Urgent news / information will be posted to our Notice Board and it will be pinned to the top of the post stream while relevant – so if you see it pop up there, be sure to read it.

Wet Weather

For information on wet weather and ground closures – see our Wet Weather post.


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Fixtures / Results / Ladders

Need to find who/when/where your team is playing?

Some of the old Sports Pulse website features can only be found there, check these links:

  • Fixtures & Results (not fully implemented on SP site yet)
  • Competition Ladders (not implemented on SP site yet)

 Calendar / Events

View up coming events of note on the bmkafl Calendar.

Other Links

See our Links page for other bmkafl sites.

Ground Locations

See our Grounds page for a listing of regional AFL Club ground locations.