BMKAFL is a nonprofit volunteer-run club and wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful and gracious help of our sponsors.

“In our little corner of the world, sponsorship is about caring.”


Why sponsorship is so important

It takes money to operate an AFL club throughout the season; council fees for ovals, equipment for training, uniforms for players, umpire fees, insurance, medical and 1st aid supplies, paint for marking lines, food stock for the canteen & BBQ, medals/awards, etc, etc.

Sponsorship enables the club to keep our annual player registration fee’s to a minimum. The generosity and support of sponsors not only saves you money, it enables more kids the affordability of playing AFL. Thus greater number of players for the club and more teams fielded for the season. A team for your son/daughter to play in and experience all the developmental benefits playing a team sport can give.

Thanking our Sponsors

Being a small AFL club, BMKAFL doesn’t have the volume of numbers or exposure (the likes of GWS Giants or Sydney Swans has) for our sponsors to make a monetary return on investment. Our sponsors help our club because they truly care about our youth and want to contribute to our community in a real and meaningful way.

Thanking our sponsors, be it via your patronage, a good word to your friends/family about them or even a Like on their Facebook page, shows that you acknowledge their efforts to help make our club, our community, better for everyone. And it shows that in our little corner of the world, sponsorship is about caring.

Sponsor BMKAFL

Sponsorship takes many forms and is not just about money. Services, equipment, goods, special offers & discounts for players/families are all, valued sponsorship options that the club greatly appreciates.

If you would like to become sponsor of the Blue Mountains Kangaroos AFL club, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our sponsorship coordinator: sponsorship@bluemountainskangaroos.com.au

Our Sponsors

BMKAFL sincerely thanks all our sponsors listed below.

Also, see the Sponsorship Posts for news and special offers for BMKAFL club members.

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Gold Sponsors

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Silver Sponsors

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Bronze Sponsors

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